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Sexy style

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It’s all in the delivery and often just knowing what to wear to catch the attention of that certain someone, or even some ‘ones’, as the case may be, is the key to success. Here’s some popular suggestions:

I never know what to wear and sometimes my mood is not the right way to dress myself as I end up with a tank top and purple boots with stirrup pants and that isn’t attracting anyone except a psycho or two. While in a chat room looking for local singles, take a poll of your own and see just what clothes are the tops in the opposite sex attractor division!
Here’s what I have found;
What men like to see on other men:
The suit suits
Every one is crazy about a sharp-dressed man! So a suit suits any man and makes him look masculine, elegant and successful. Make sure it fits to perfection and is fairly recent in fashion. Go for neutral colours and avoid looking like a 70’s pimp character by wearing purple or shiny fabric.

Jean genie
There’s magic in them jeans! Maybe you will get rubbed the right way in that perfect pair of faded, fit just right jeans. Everyone who likes men, likes men in jeans!

Don’t get the boot
Cowboy boots or Timberland boots. And best of all you can get either kind in sustainable cruelty free options. Nothing is more attractive than a masculine man who cares about the environment!

Clean and white
A fresh form-fitting white t-shirt or a crisp, white dress shirt are irresistible! Be the fresh clean man who can get the job done, no matter what it is!

Showing your style alongside these attractive, time-honored basics are a sure bet for being the most attractive guy you can be!

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