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How to Pick Up a Guy During Pride Toronto

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Oh sure, you think you’re pretty good at picking up men. And we wouldn’t argue that for a second. But the fact of the matter is while Pride Toronto may be teeming with eligible men, that also means pick-ups are flinging all over the place. How in the world are you supposed to sound original to that guy that has been approached four times in the last minute? As a general rule, it’s best to stay away from the tired phrases. If you’ve used it more than thrice in a week or have heard someone else use it recently, it’s time to throw it away. But what do you replace it with? Take a look at our suggestions!

Don’t Float

Don’t go to Pride with no real clue what you’re doing. Instead, make sure you’re part of a volunteer group or marching in the parade or any other related activity. If you’re just walking around with no purpose, you’re not really going to meet anyone. But if you’re there with reason, you’ll get to engage and talk with other people you’re marching with or volunteering next to. It’ll also make you more desirable, acting like you’re there for reasons other than meeting men.

Only Do What You Want To Do

Look up the events for Pride Toronto and plan which ones you’d like to attend. Don’t force yourself into events or locations that don’t make you feel comfortable. If you’re in uncomfortable spaces, it’ll not only put you off your flirtation game mentally, but you also greatly up your chances of not meeting the right kind of guy. After all, you’re out of your element. What are the chances you’ll find someone who’s a good match for you if you’re in the wrong spot?

Perfect Your Eye Contact

If you see someone you like, sometimes your eye contact is all it takes. There’s some weird, cosmic force in the world that often lets people know when someone else is looking at them. And so they’ll turn in your direction. When that happens, dare to hold his gaze for an extra second or two, then smile. Alternatively, you can immediately look away, only to return your gaze to him just as fast. It comes down to how coy you want to seem. Either way, there’s a good chance he’ll come over to you for introductions.

Put Pride On Your Body

And while we’re on the topic of eyes, it doesn’t hurt to make yourself stand out physically. These rainbrows would certainly do the trick! Not only do they show off your pride, but they’re also pretty darn original (see the tutorial here. And yes, we’re aware that they were originally designed for you to dress like a character from My Little Pony, but who says they can’t be used for something else?). If you’re not comfortable being a guy in make-up, then consider standing out with more traditional methods, such as wearing a pride flag like a cape.

Pass On The Drugs

It comes off like an after-school special, but it’s true. If you’re actually at Pride to meet people—especially in the romantic sense—you’ll have much better chances if you aren’t hitting substances. Drugs can make you do some odd things, many of which aren’t very pleasing to that stranger you just met in public. Go about your flirtations wisely and make more informed decisions about which guys are crush material when your head is clear. You’ll also have a better idea of whether or not what you’re feeling for someone is attraction or just the synthetic chemicals talking.


Did any of our tips work for you? How do you usually pick men up at Pride Toronto? Tell us in the comments!

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