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How To Get Him To See You As More Than Just A Friend

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Crushing on a friend in gay world isn’t exactly the same as that in straight world. Because of the dating pool being smaller in gay world, it’s definitely a more common occurrence. It’s often even downright expected. After all, who wouldn’t fall for a friend when you’re surrounded by so many good-looking men? But just because it’s more common in gay world doesn’t mean it’s necessarily any easier to change a guy’s mind about you being more than just a friend to him. And while there’s no guarantee you can get a man to like you, you can certainly change a little bit about yourself in order to encourage any feelings he may already have for you!

Be A More Well-Groomed You

We’re not saying to actually change your appearance to a point that you’re not you anymore. Be your usual self around your crush, just…a little nicer. Make sure you’ve showered, that you’ve brushed your teeth, and that your clothes are clean, relatively unwrinkled, and aren’t full of holes. If you want to add a little pop of novelty like a snazzy, casual tie, then go for it! Remember to always dress appropriately for the occasion, but also kick your usual look up a notch when you know he’s going to be around.

Show More Confidence

If you usually voice your insecurities or wishy-washy moments around him, it’s time to show him the confidence you have. It’s one of those classically attractive qualities in a partner, and he’ll start viewing you as a person who’s taking things head-on instead of someone who might not entirely know what they’re doing. Sure, none of us ever knows what we’re doing, but it all comes down to how you present it. Just own it!

Spend Time Alone Together

Test the waters by engaging in pseudo-dates, which are basically times you two spend alone together without either of you turning it into a date. Ask him to do something that you know that the rest of your friends don’t like to do in order to keep him from getting wise. Spending time with him alone will not only give you the opportunity to decide whether or not he’s who you think he is when away from the gaze of his other friends, but it also will spark the idea in his mind that perhaps you two really could date.

Make Him Think There’s Competition

This move can come off kind of childish, but it nonetheless tends to get a reaction out of the guy. It’s not so much a way to manipulate him into feeling jealous as it is just reminding him that you’re desirable. By showing him that you have other guys interested in you, he can start seeing you in light far different than that of a friend.

Reward His Behavior

No, he’s not a dog, but it’s good to show him that you’re not simply a taker. You’re a giver, too! If he does something good for you, then you need to do something good back. If he does you a favor, do him one back. If he pays you a compliment, make sure to pay him one in return. Show him that you’d be great as a supportive partner in life. He needs to know you’d be someone he could rely on outside of simple friendship.


Have you ever fallen for a friend of yours? Were you able to turn it into something more? Tell us in the comments!

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