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Types of Men Every Gay Guy Should Date

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As the saying goes, you have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince. But what that saying doesn’t tell you is how helpful those experiences can be. When it comes to preparing you for The One, there are 5 types of men every gay guy should date. Once that special someone comes along, you want to make sure you’ve had some valuable life experience tucked away to help you in the harder times of your future relationships. From the artist to the big personality, there is something each of these guys can teach you about the important things in life.

An Older Man

We don’t necessarily mean a sugar daddy (though that’s a nice bonus). We just know the value of a guy at least 8-10 years older than you. The long and short of the benefits of an older man comes down to his overall life experience and wisdom of the world. He’s seen more than you, done more than you, and lived several years before you were even born. He can tell you all kinds of interesting stories and introduce you to things you may never have otherwise come across. With an older man, you begin to appreciate the unique insight of someone with a different background than yours, giving you the skills you need for showing mutual respect in a relationship. This is an essential ability to create a lasting commitment to The One!

A Younger Man 

Just like having an experience with an older man is important, so is having one with a younger man. Of course, this may not be an opportunity for you just yet depending on your age—don’t go breaking any laws—but we encourage you to give it a try if you’re, say, in your early 30s or older. Dating a younger man helps you remember the endless possibilities of life again. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut or otherwise have settled into doing the same thing every day, a younger man can help you see all of the opportunities and experiences you haven’t tried yet…and make you want to finally try them! Dating a younger man can help prepare you for The One because he can bring back your zest for life. No relationship can last if it doesn’t hold some level of curiosity.

A Guy with a Big Personality

Date someone with great humor and/or an extroverted personality even if you’re not physically attracted to him. It helps to date outside of your usual interests and learn to not date purely (or largely) on looks alone. With the experience of dating this guy under your belt, you’ll have heard some great stories and learned to soften up on the physical attributes of The One. Because in the end, both his and your looks are going to fade. You’ll likely learn this on your own as you grow older, but dating a guy with a big personality will help you get a jump-start on that life lesson.

An Opposite

They say opposites attract, but do they actually stay together? That’ll come down to where you two differ and how well you both are with meeting in the middle on everything from what you’ll be doing that evening to what kind of couch to get. By dating an opposite, you’ll learn the essential skills of healthy, fair compromise and your ability to actively listen to one another. These are crucial parts of getting any relationship to last and will be prime necessity when succeeding with The One.

An Artist

A starving one is best. He’ll teach you to appreciate the little things and show that money doesn’t equal fun. In fact, he’ll likely show you all sorts of dives, hovels, and free events you never knew existed. In the end, you’ll learn from this guy true passion for your dreams, a steadfast commitment to what matters, and the dangers of pettiness being tied up with money. If these things are bogging down your mind when you meet The One, you’ll never be able to see clearly enough to know how to get the relationship to succeed.


Which of these 5 types of men have you dated? How has it helped you in finding The One? Tell us in the comments!

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