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5 Life-changing things you can do today!

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Life changing things you can do today


Feeling rather stuck in a rut? Even though the new year starts in January, for me it feels like it really starts in the spring. In fact that is when we used to celebrate the new year in pre-Christian religions. Spring is when all the babies are born, the buds are bursting and maybe, you are itching for a fresh start too. Getting that degree in bio-physics has always somehow eluded you, but take heart! There is a way to change it up and you can do it today! Or at least make an appointment today for later in the week J.

My mum always said; “a change is as good as a rest” and since there’s never time to rest in our busy lives, let’s make some changes!

  • Spring cleaning and organizing

Believe it or not this is a great way to take control of your life and inventory of your stuff. Stuff can start to breed and before you know it, has made all kinds of baby stuff that you had no idea you had. Find all those art supplies you meant to use and start a new project. Most importantly FINISH that project. Go through your clothes and get rid of what you don’t want. Donate it to a friend, neighbor or local second hand or thrift store. Which brings me to my next point;

  • Go shopping

Take yourself clothes shopping and get a whole new outfit from the underneath out. New underwear, socks, tops bottoms and in-betweens and maybe even a new jacket or sweater to top it off.  Nothing makes you feel brand new like a new outfit. And here’s another lovely segue to my next point…where is that bullet button…oh here;

  • New hair

Get a haircut, a hairstyle, a color, highlights or even get some hair added on! Go to a reputable stylist too, really indulge in a very experienced professional. You deserve it and it will help you avoid the dreaded “extreme haircut regret” syndrome afterward. Talk to your selected stylist about options for your face and coloring. Discuss what kind of style you want to project; professional, rockin’, a bit wild and free, or something versatile enough to style into any or all of the above. Do you want to look younger, or older more trustworthy or more rebellious? Hair can say a lot about you and maybe try on a personality that you’ve always wanted but never did. Life is short!

  • Get physical

Whether you are super athlete or couch potato, a chang in your physical activities is always welcome and fun. Take a pilates or yoga class, or even hot yoga is awesome, join a gym, get a bicycle or book lessons in windsurfing or sailing. Add some spice to your physical life and get moving in the right direction. Your heart will thank you too!

  • New love or old love, just make some love!

And by that I mean, take some time for your love life, not even necessarily your sex life, (though that is always good for the body and soul too Honey!)

If you are in a relationship, plan a special “I appreciate you” date for no reason whatsoever. It will give you an exciting and refreshing event in your life to get enthusiastic about! If you are not, join a dating site like Hardline and find a new love interest. It makes you feel good about yourself and hone some of those romantic skills you may not have accessed yet!


*Well kiddies, you know I want for you all the happiness and fulfillment in the world! In light of all this love I need to make a point. Please do not misconstrue the lightness of this week’s blog as a sign of not caring about this Saturday’s tragedy in Orlando. Nothing I can say can illuminate that event. Why do we hate? My mum always said hate hurts the haters more. But sometimes even mum was wrong. Hate did hurt others. Though the perpetrator of this crime was a lost soul too. None of us knows the depths of despair and self-hate that would bring one of us to such an act. All I can say is don’t hate. I know it is easier said than done, but try with all your might to accept and love as much as you can. Even I, as a Vegan…oh in this world…it is so hard to love others as they casually mention bacon. The mention of that word hurts my soul. I see gluttonous people consuming sad and tortured, confined animals and yes, hate does start to bubble up, but I tell myself, everyone is on a journey and all I can hope for is enlightenment and I love them and care about them too. Homophobia or any hatred of others for something that they naturally are or chose to be, as long as that choice DOES NOT hurt the innocent, simply cannot be tolerated. Education and open minds are the key. Love and peace to you all and have a blessed week!*

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