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Kissing Etiquette for Gay Men

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Ahh… kissing. It’s a beautiful thing. It should have its own holiday, be encouraged to end all wars, become an Olympic sport. For those of us who are well-versed in its ways, making out can be our favorite pastime. But for those who aren’t yet learned, it can be kind of sort of maybe terrifying. But honestly, it’s nothing to freak out over. In the end, there are only a few simple rules you need to keep in mind to ensure your kissing sessions are a success. Read below for your complete guide on kissing etiquette for gay men.

Check your Breath

Seriously. Keep your breath in check. Brush your teeth. Flossing gives you an added bonus. Nobody wants to be making out and find a piece of broccoli magically in their mouths. Is it rude to spit it out? We don’t know! Just don’t let it happen! And for all of you who are paranoid about your breath smelling bad, there’s a really good chance you’re just fine as long as your oral hygiene is better than a rhino’s.

Start Soft

Especially if kissing the guy is pretty new to you, don’t go tackling him. No starting off with biting or a tongue crammed down his throat or whatever else you got into your head as a good idea. Rather, start off the mood in a more teasing way. Begin with gentler kisses on the lips, neck, or near the ears. Once you’re both at ease, then you can start ramping it up.

Keep it Loose 

Have you ever had one of those tight-lipped kisses? They’re pretty bad. I mean, they make you feel like you’re trying to kiss plywood. Keep yourself relaxed when it comes to making out; don’t attempt to pucker your lips excessively and don’t go thinking that force equals masculinity. It doesn’t. Go into it as if you’ve done this all the time. You’re an old pro! He won’t be the wiser.

Use Your Hands

Don’t be all limp elsewhere. The rest of your body should be playing its part, too. While kissing can mean various things in a relationship, hands can do much more talking when it comes to your intentions for the rest of the night. If you’re being a gentleman, keep your fingers stroking around the back, arms, neck, or head. If you’re hoping to keep the bed warm, then start going more south. He’ll know what you’re up to, and if he responds in kind, you’re golden.

Don’t Stare 

Nothing’s creepier than finding out the person you’re kissing has been staring at you the entire time. Talk about getting self-conscious. Look, it’s okay to occasionally peek, but otherwise keep your eyes shut. It’s not like you can really see anything so close-up, anyway. Besides make-believe imperfections, that is, which your date will most assuredly be worrying about when they realize you’re staring into their pores.

Don’t Pass Out

Breathing is a pretty good idea. We know you’re getting all anxious and into the moment, but remembering to actually use your lungs should always remain on your make out roster. Breathe through your nose if you two are locked together, take normal breaths when you momentarily break away, whatever. And don’t worry about sounding ridiculous. When it comes to making out, you’re supposed to be breathing more audibly anyway. It means you’re enjoying yourself. And if your date can’t understand that, they’re weird.

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