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How to Give Your One Night Stand a Morning to Remember

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It’s important for you to know that July 26th is National Bagelfest Day and National Coffee Milkshake Day. It’s even more important for you to share this knowledge with your booty call. If he’s still around by the following morning, make sure to make him something in celebration of the 26th. Who doesn’t love bagels and coffee milkshakes? To make sure you’re doing it right, check out these 10 recipes for giving your one night stand a morning to remember!

Standard Coffee Milkshake

It’s wise to start off with the basics, like a good, original coffee milkshake that you can easily make at home with milk, ice, and instant coffee granules.

Nutella Coffee Milkshake

Of course, some people want a little more than just coffee in their milkshake. A particular crowd-pleaser is chocolate, which can only be improved by the hazelnut goodness of Nutella.

Cookies & Cream Coffee Milkshake

Or maybe straight-up chocolate and hazelnut isn’t for you. Maybe you’re more of a cookie person. If that’s the case, try a coffee milkshake blended with Oreos. You can’t fail!

The Javacado Shake

Brew some coffee and hit up the produce aisle! It’s time for the Javacado, a coffee milkshake mixed with avocado and sweetened condensed milk so you can pretend that your breakfast dessert is (almost) good for you!

Strawberry Coffee Milkshake

While you’re looking at produce, consider grabbing some strawberries for another take on coffee milkshakes. Use fresh strawberries with coffee ice cream and some chocolate syrup and you have a great surprise for your morning guest!

Homemade Bagels

So we have the milkshake side of our celebration taken care of, but what about the bagels? Of course, just like with milkshakes, it’s good to start off with a genuine, old fashioned recipe. He’ll be super impressed if you surprise him with homemade bagels!

Mini Bagel Pizzas

Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast? Take some day old bagels, slice them, put on some leftover meats and cheeses from the fridge, and toast it all in a toaster oven. Who knew unwanted foods could taste so good together?

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Since we’re on the topic of leftover foods, take it up another notch with a breakfast bagel sandwich you usually only buy at the store. Cook up some eggs and ham, add them onto a toasted bagel with some cheese, and your guy will love you for it!

French Toast Bagels

Or you could also take day-old bagels and turn them into something amazing: French toast bagels! Slice up your bagels, dip them into some prepared French toast batter, and you’ll be surprised at how delicious they are! You’ll also score extra points with your man with how original yet non-weird your breakfast is!

Bagel Quiche

But there’s one last thing you can do to really impress your evening guest. Slice up some bagels, prepare a quiche filling, and turn each bagel half into its own little quiche bowl. It’s adorable, it’s memorable, and it’s a sure-fire way to keep your booty call coming back for more than just your bed!


Have you ever celebrated National Bagelfest Day or National Coffee Milkshake Day? Tell us what you did in the comments below!

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