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How to Get Over a Breakup & Enjoy Your Summer

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Summer’s here and you had all sorts of things planned. You were going to go camping with your boyfriend, take him to an amusement park, show him cow tipping. Okay, maybe not cow tipping. But now you’ll never know for sure because the jerk just went and broke it off with you. Ouch. Breakups are a pretty painful department. And now that summer’s here, you fear you’re going to lose those awesome days to binging on “The Golden Girls” and feeling sorry for yourself. That phase is necessary and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to jump-start your recovery process so you can enjoy the season in the ways that you deserve? See our suggestions for getting over a breakup before summer and see what they can do for you!

Get Back In Touch With Your Friends

Your friends are an important lifeblood to the being that is you. They know you better than anyone, have gone through tough times with you, and know how to make you laugh. Even if you ditched them when your guy was around, it’s time to humbly reach back out to them. They’ll be the ones to know exactly how to put a smile back on your face and remind you how wonderful of a person you are. They wouldn’t ever hang around you if you weren’t, now would they?

Write Your Feelings Down

And make a list of reminders as to why the guy was no good for you. Get it all out, from your anger to your frustration to just plain wanting to put the guy down for being a jerk. Just make sure you don’t send anything you write about him! This is meant to be a healing process for you, not a revenge thing that won’t make anybody feel better.

Take Back Your Space

The longer you and your guy were together, the more likely it is that your belongings and memories have intertwined. When it comes to your own home, it’s time to clean out the clutter that is your ex’s life. You don’t need to be tossing stuff out the window like a drama queen. Just give away or put into storage any memory triggers of the guy. Give him back whatever stuff he wants. Reclaim your space with a clear conscious.

Return To Knowing You

Do all of the stuff you used to love to do before the guy got in your way and ate up all of your time (because seriously, he did!). Exercise. Read. Try a new hobby. Just take care of yourself physically and emotionally. With that guy out of the way, there’s nothing more important now than what you want to do when. The world is completely open to you again. Take advantage of it.

Go Through A Few Rebound Guys

Rebound guys really are helpful in getting out pent-up frustration and sadness. A few (safe) booty calls and you’ll start to feel attractive and worthwhile again. Take a look Hardline Chat’s features, pick out the one that best fits what you’re looking for, and see which guys are up for a bit of physical consoling. Who knows? You might actually find your future mate while you’re at it.


What have your experiences been with breakups? What recovery methods have worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

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