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Dating Deal-Breakers for Single Gay Dads

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Single gay dads have it pretty tough. They have the whole gay thing going on, the whole ex thing going on, and now the whole kid thing. Talk about stress! The dating world can be unfortunately picky when it comes to dating others with children. But while most of us have been so self-involved to only think about our side, we don’t realize that single gay dads also have their criteria. They’re not going to settle for just anyone. In fact, they may even be pickier for all the right reasons! Their kids come first, after all, and they need someone who can handle that. And if someone can’t, out they go.

What other deal-breakers exist for single gay dads in the dating world? Take a look!

Someone Who Acts Like An Extra Kid

Single dads already have enough children. They don’t need another one. Dates who are dependent, clingy, or otherwise expect you to give him as much care and attention as your children are a big no-no. Real children are enough of a handful to take care of, but when that’s combined with an adult-child who wants to be coddled, fed, and picked up after, it’s far too much for any one person to handle. Single dads don’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that. If you’re a guy who wants to be constantly tended to, you’ll never stand a chance with a guy with kids.

Someone With Different Relationship Goals

Basically, if he’s not ready to commit or take on as big of a responsibility as being there for a guy’s kids, he’s not worth that guy’s time. Dads need to be with someone who will be willing to (hopefully) stick around and be a second parent to the children. And if that idea scares you, then walk away now. No weird miracle is going to suddenly make his kids disappear, and it’s incredibly likely he wouldn’t want that miracle to happen even if it could. No dad appreciates a guy who’s jerking him around.

Someone Who Takes Too Much Time Away From The Children

A new beau can’t be someone who wants a dad to always stay at his place kid-free or have him drop the children off at their ex’s. He needs to be able to incorporate the kids into the relationship. And while nobody would expect that level of commitment constantly (before they move in together, anyway), it should still be done far more often than not. A father’s kids are part of his life and other guys need to honor that.

Someone Who Can’t Remember Things About The Kids

Everything from their names to their least favorite food is important if a dad’s looking for someone who will make a good step-father someday. Because there would come the day where a new beau is babysitting the kids. If he can’t remember little things like who does and doesn’t eat what, he’s doomed. And not remembering names? That’s just inconsiderate and shows the guy doesn’t really care about what matters most to a single dad.

Someone Who Isn’t Good To The Children

Forgetting favorite storybooks is bad enough, but if there’s any sort of yelling, hitting, scaring, neglect, or badmouthing toward the children, that guy’s going to get kicked to the curb so fast it’ll make his head spin. Seriously. A dad needs a guy who’s going to really help him out and support him, not act like his blessings are a burden.


If you’re a single gay dad, how have our deal-breakers resonated with you? If you’re not a single dad, what are your experiences dating one? Tell us in the comments below!

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