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Dating Advice Every Gay Man Needs to Hear from His Mother

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Mothers are interesting creatures. If you’ve landed a good one, then they’ll probably be spending a significant portion of their lives making sure you’re happy and healthy. And while your youth may mean she does all sorts of things for you, she eventually start letting you know what you can do for yourself as you get older. Cooking, cleaning, laundry…all of the things a person needs to actually present themselves as a human being that has his act together.

But what plenty of guys don’t seem to realize is that moms also can have some important advice in the dating department. Few people are tickled at the idea of ever crossing their love lives with anything that comes close to thoughts of their mothers, but hear us out. Or rather, hear your mother out. She has some good stuff to say.

Always Put On Clean Underwear

This should be an everyday habit, but especially so when you’re going out on a date. You don’t necessarily have to put on a new pair of underwear at 5pm in anticipation of your date in an hour—though some guys do—but just make sure you put on clean underwear that same day. You’ll feel better, which will improve your personality, which will make you more attractive to your date. Further, if you two are going to wind up in bed later, it’d be nice if he didn’t have to deal with dirty skivvies. That’s just rude.

Small Minds Talk About Small Things

Don’t spend your time gossiping about a mutual friend or filling up your evening with the latest celebrity scandal you read in a tabloid. Instead, talk about your day, talk about something funny you read, pretty much talk about anything that either gets you two to know each other better or is otherwise actually relevant to your lives. If you love “Breaking Bad,” then you can sheepishly confess about how you lost your weekend to binge watching it. But don’t talk about how you’re pretty sure Bryan Cranston is secretly married to four women unless you’re trying to tell your date that you’re looking to secretly marry four women. Get the idea?

Being Alone Is Better Than Wishing You Were

As the saying goes, if you lay down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas. So avoid being miserable in a relationship by dropping the guys that treat you poorly or, better yet, don’t settle for men you don’t feel treat you right or respect you enough. If you’re seeing those signs early on, odds are you’re 100% correct in assessing his personality. And it’s most definitely not going to change just because he’s committed to you. Instead of just being a jerk, he’ll be a jerk with a boyfriend. Don’t be that guy. Hold out for a good one. It may feel lonely sometimes, but it’s still worlds better than being unhappy with someone.

Never Put In Writing Anything You’ll Regret

Angry letters, sexts, private confessions, awful pet names. Just be careful what ends up as a physical word that can be read. When you’re mad, don’t yell at your partner through emails or notes. Not only do those words hurt, they’re proof of your childishness and hard to deny later on. If you keep a journal full of private thoughts or past flings you’d rather you didn’t have your partner know, then make very certain it’s kept safe or otherwise not in a place where your partner could trip over it. If you have confessions about your life, your partner should hear them directly from your mouth. If you’re angry with your partner about something, do what you can to avoid name-calling and accusations, and instead simply talk about the facts and how they made you feel. You shouldn’t be out to hurt your partner, especially in as passive-aggressive a way as the written word. That’s not a healthy relationship.

If You’ve Caught Every Fish In The Pond, Find A New Pond

The gay dating pool is relatively small compared to the hetero one, so depending on how rural of a place you live (or how, shall we say, active you are in the community), you may indeed find that you’ve caught every guy there was to catch. If that becomes the case, it means you need to cast a wider net. Stop limiting yourself to the local clubs and festivals. Start some relationships online, try dating apps like Hardline Chat, take a day trip to gay venues you’ve never tried before. There is still plenty of world out there, so go find it!


What kind of dating advice has your mother given you? Let us know in the comments!

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