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What the Color of Your Date Outfit Says About You

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First dates are a bit like a job interview: You’re there to impress, you’re there to succeed and you hope you get a callback. And while many positive outcomes depend on your behavior and the ability to chew with your mouth closed, what you wear can be important right down to the colours themselves. Do you want your date to find you intelligent or open? Creative or reliable? Unapproachable or overbearing? Okay, maybe not those last two; but let’s investigate the ins and outs of colour control in the most appropriate chronological order known to (gay) man: the rainbow. Here’s what the color of your date outfit says about you:


It probably comes as no surprise: red connotes sex appeal, love and passion. It may also help you get laid, since according to Abby Calisch, Psy.D, “Red is a stimulant for men; it boosts arousal and makes them want to chase.” Wearing red also makes you appear like you want and crave attention, which can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances. However, be warned that red also suggests aggressiveness and emotional intensity, which are traits few people want in a relationship.


Wearing orange shows that you’re sociable, friendly, inviting and approachable. You have an enthusiasm for life and a warm personality. However, know that orange is usually considered people’s least favorite colour and can therefore be off-putting to many dates.


The use of yellow will tell your date that you’re cheerful and happy, but at the cost of being demanding for attention. The colour is also known for enhancing concentration (which is why yellow is the color of legal pads and highlighters), and can be overpowering in abundance.


Green is a crowd-pleaser because of its ability to make you appear calm, content, creative and at peace with yourself. It’s also a great indicator of masculinity as well as wealth, which can be beneficial for you depending on what your date is looking for in a man. That being said, darker shades of green must be worn at a risk, since the colour can also suggest traditionalism and conservatism, which tend to not bode well in the gay community.


The other most popular colour, blue is an indicator of peacefulness, tranquility and serenity. While the lighter and medium shades suggest loyalty—thereby putting people more at ease and inviting them to share their thoughts—darker shades can be more authoritative and domineering.


Purple isn’t just for the Red Hat Society. Bursting with creativity, this color shows that you stand for luxury, royalty, romance and sophistication. It also suggests you’re more on the feminine side of things, which may or may not work out in your favor, depending on your date. Purple does come with its warnings, however: it may make you appear artificial, which tends to not put people at ease.


Brown is tried and true for a reason: it suggests you’re reliable, stable, solid and genuine. It’s also been known to make you appear communicative, thereby enhancing and encouraging others to be more open with you. The downside? Too much brown may make you look boring.


Black is another timeless classic because, well, it makes you look timeless and classic. It also boasts its close siblings of stylishness, confidence, competence, elegance and versatility. In the right quantities, wearing black and can show you have authority and power. Too much, though, and you stand to appear unapproachable.


White is its own version of classic, but with the assumption of cleanliness, simplicity and innocence. It also suggests you’re a well-balanced dude. Unfortunately, too much white can make you look washed out at best and a complete doormat at worst, so use it responsibly.


The middle ground between white and black, gray will give your date the impression that you’re sophisticated, confident, subtle and all about finding the neutral ground in life. Gray also proves to be less distracting on your body, meaning your date can focus more on you than what you’re wearing. However, gray can also make your date think you’re too conservative, old-fashioned, or downright suppressive. Like any other colour, wear it with caution.


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