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The Best Places to Meet Gay Men This Holiday Season

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With the winter season approaching, the thoughts of many people begin to linger on families and loved ones. If you’re currently unattached in the boyfriend department, it might make you feel a little lonely. But don’t despair. Even if you’re going through your usual holiday routine, it’s very possible for you to run into your future boo. You just need to remember to keep your eyes open and whether you’re on vacation or staycation, hang out at the best places to meet gay men.

Seasonal activities

Step 1: Go do something with your friends. Step 2: Ditch them when you see someone cute. Seasonal activities prod many people to go outside despite the cold weather, enjoying such adventures as ice skating, tree hunting (if you celebrate Christmas), or just a public snowball fight in the park. Odds are strangers will be around. Potentially attractive strangers. Focus your stun lasers on them. The added bonus of your friends being around is they can act as your wingmen. (It’s okay to use them every once in a while. They’re your friends. You can return the favor later.)


Many people like to do a bit of volunteer work around the winter holidays as a way to give back to the community. It also happens to be a fantastic way to meet people. Running into a fellow volunteer usually tags the person as considerate, selfless, and caring—all qualities you want in a boyfriend. Consider joining a local group that specializes in helping you find the right kind of volunteer work for you, or just walk into a place you’d like to volunteer at (be sure to ask if any of these venues specifically care for LGBTQ people!).

Spending the holidays with friends

In the LGBTQ world, it’s not unusual to have somebody spend a family holiday with people other than their legal or biological families. As such, many individuals in the community host gatherings for LGBTQ friends. Attending such an event can help open up your social circle and meet new people, especially if the host is a fairly new friend to you or if the occasion is an open invite to anybody who’d like to attend. Friends bring friends bring acquaintances; you’re certain to meet some new people. And who knows? The guy sitting down next to you might be—gasp!—single.

Christmas-themed orgies

Okay. I seriously didn’t hear about this one until just this week. But apparently some places have opportunities for people to meet not only for orgies, but Christmas-themed orgies. Apparently these groups pull out all the stops, offering candy canes to suck on and encouraging people to show up in Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, or elf costumes. While this is liable to cause nightmares for some people, it could be quite the fetish for others. And orgies are always a good place to meet like-minded people.

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