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7 Gay Dating Ads We Love

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While the bulk of advertising and consumer targeting has focused on straight folk, businesses are finally realizing that plenty of money can be had from the gay community, too. And with that in mind, plenty of gay dating ads have emerged from the comedic to the serious. Some are mainstream, some are more exclusive. But wherever and whatever they are, these are some of the absolute best gay dating ads we have ever seen.

Tiffany & Co.
One of the leading wedding and engagement ring makers on the market, Tiffany & Co. released a commercial in 2013 in which they depict a gay couple proposing, helping Tiffany & Co. launch their new line of rings specifically designed for same-sex couples. And the absolute best part? They do the whole thing while quoting 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. (Tiffany & Co. also made buzz again regarding a magazine ad just this past January, in which a gay couple is one of seven real-life couples featured in the spread.)

Taco Bell
Okay, since its internet debut this past December, it’s been established that Taco Bell indeed didn’t create this “fake” commercial. However, what can be fake about a fantastic, goofy, normalizing ad about a gay couple that quickly went viral online with all sorts of support? And the fact that Taco Bell more or less gave it the thumbs up? We’re not complaining.

With the tagline “This is wholesome,” Nabisco advertised their Honeymaid line in 2014 with various snapshots of everyday families, one being a gay couple. While there was predictably some ridiculous backlash, there was plenty of support to Nabisco’s choice, too. And they weren’t afraid to stand their ground.

This 2014 commercial broke ground in a couple ways: first, by airing itself during the 2014 season opener of the NFL, and second by depicting a gay couple as more than “just” parents or “just” effeminate or “just” whatever other tropes we have around. Gay couples can roughhouse, watch football, and be ridiculous? Of course they can! Now back to the game!

Affordable Care Act
Just this past January, the Illinois branch of the Affordable Care Act of the United States launched a series of short commercials regarding the importance of signing up if you don’t have your own healthcare. This particular ad, called “Jake and Allen’s Story,” depicts the ability of a gay couple signing up for healthcare and the lifesaver it turned out to be.

After an innocent phone snapshot of two dads getting their daughters ready for school went viral online, Nikon snapped (pun!) up the opportunity to create this commercial surrounding the family and their normal, everyday lives. While the positive response has been overwhelming, there have unfortunately been some homophobic and racist slurs in the process. But that hasn’t stopped Nikon from promoting these dads or the family from speaking out!

In the most controversial commercial of 2014, Cheerios ran a 3-minute ad surprisingly not promoting their cereal, but rather having two fathers talk about how they met, how they found their daughter, and how they feel about the prejudices surrounding that. They even go so far as to imply that if their daughter ends up an adult who’s ashamed of having two dads, that’s the fault of society. Wow, Cheerios dads! Go you!

Have you seen any positive, supportive gay dating ads we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments below so we don’t miss a thing!

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