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5 Things You Can Tell About a Man Just By Hearing His Voice

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We’re going to get a little science-y here for a minute. There have been countless studies running around telling people that straight ladies swoon over deep-voiced men because they just know it means such men will be good breeders. Bleh. We don’t have to go into all the problems of those findings and how those studies were conducted, do we? And don’t get me started on the concept of attraction in the whole nature vs. nurture debate. There’s only one true, sure fire thing we can deduce about men’s voices. Basically, the pitch of a man’s voice largely derives from the amount of male sex hormone he has in his system: good ol’ testosterone. The more testosterone he has, the more likely he will have a deeper voice and larger physique. Does that make him more masculine? Nah, it just makes him more of the trope of masculinity. There are lots of ways to be a man. But I digress. Here are five things you can tell about a man just by hearing his voice.


This one is probably a no-brainer. The more testosterone a man has, the deeper his voice and the broader his shoulders and arms. The less testosterone he has, the higher his voice and the more svelte his shoulders and arms. That being said, despite all the shenanigans of the straight world, testosterone production is most certainly not a big deal in Gay World. There’s a reason the gay community celebrates their twinks just as much as their bears.


In the opposite way shoulders work, hips will be narrower if a man has a deeper voice and wider if he has a higher voice. Again, it’s not a bad thing one way or the other. Masculinity comes in different shapes and sizes.


Again with the stereotypes, deeper-voiced men are known for having a more dominant behaviour about them due to their increase in testosterone production. This can be all well and good for a partner who’s into being a bit more submissive, but always be careful of that behaviour if it starts toeing the line of aggressiveness and possession. You don’t need none o’ that. On the flip side, higher-voiced men are more likely to be nurturing and, well, into cuddling.


Because of the stereotyped manliness of deeper voices, some studies have shown that deeper-voiced men lose their virginity earlier, are more frequently enticed to have affairs, and just plain have more sex. But this is definitely a chicken-or-the-egg situation. Do people seek out a deeper-voiced man because they really do find his voice more desirable? Or do they seek him out because they’ve been told that his voice is more desirable? I don’t know. All I know is the little guys aren’t getting it as much in the straight world. The good news, though, is they seem to get it plenty in the gay world. So we’re all pretty safe on that one.


Get this: an Australian study has found that more testosterone-driven men have lower sperm concentrations. Basically, the more “masculine” a man is, the less sperm he has in his semen. Once testosterone hits a certain level, it actually starts to create a disadvantage in sperm production. This is an incredibly fascinating find, seeing as how straight-couple studies have kept claiming that the reason women are attracted to deep-voiced, masculine men is because they know the men will be better at producing offspring. Lulz nope.

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