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10 Differences Between Mr.Right & Mr.Right Now

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It’s no mystery that we all can get lonely from time to time. If you’re single during one of those moments, it can up the chances of you throwing yourself at just about anybody. His occupation, his income, his fostering of 15 cats…it doesn’t matter as long as he’s available (okay, yeah, and probably some level of cute). However, don’t go thinking this guy’s the one for you just because he’s around. Loneliness can make your brain think some odd things, so check out our 10 examples below to help you decide whether your new guy is Mr.Right or Mr.Right Now.

10. His Physical Attraction Isn’t The First Thing On Your Mind

If that’s the case, then he may be more of a Mr. Right. You care about him in ways that go beyond physical affection. But if you’re all about his looks and little else, it’s likely you’re just keeping him around until something more interesting passes your way.

9. He Compliments More Than Your Physical Attractiveness

Likewise, Mr.Right will see you as more than your appearance. He’ll like your intelligence, your humor, your taste. Mr.Right Now will simply want you for physical affection and little else.

8. He Shows Some Manner Of Life Stability

Mr.Right has a pet, has held the same job for a year, he’s saving for a house or car… you get the idea. He needs to be able to show he’s capable of commitment in life if he’s going to be taken seriously as a long-term partner. Mr.Right Now can’t get his stuff together, so how can you expect him to commit to a relationship?

7. He Texts You Because He Wants To 

Mr.Right will want to know how your day is going or want you to know that he’s thinking about you. Mr.Right Now will only text you when he’s bored.

6. He’ll Discuss The Future With You

Mr.Right will talk about the long game, even if it’s in generic terms. For instance, he won’t shy away from a discussion of whether or not he may want children someday, even if he isn’t sure who his partner will be at the time. Mr.Right Now will look like a deer in headlights if you dare to ever bring up a topic that requires more than a day’s planning.

5. He’ll Choose An Indoor Date Night Instead Of Hanging Out With Friends

Hey, if it’s what you want, it’s what you want. Mr.Right will compromise or sometimes do things he doesn’t really want to do if he’s sure it’ll make you happy. But Mr.Right Now will frequently do only what he wants. If you’re not on board with him, he’ll bail on you to go hang with his friends.

4. He Mentions You On Social Media

He doesn’t have to go ga-ga over you online, but making the basic, non-verbal statement that you two are more than just friends, such as posting a cute couple’s photo is a very good sign he’s interested in the long haul.

3. He’s Not Embarrassed By Your Quirks

Mr.Right will find them endearing or, at the very least, tolerable. Mr.Right Now will cringe at the idea of taking you out in public and may even put you down about your quirks, especially in front of others to save face.

2. He Remembers Important Things

Whether it’s important like your birthday or important specifically to you like your childhood dog’s name, Mr.Right will remember. Mr.Right Now won’t even be able to remember you’re allergic to shellfish.

1. He’s Your Rebound Guy

If you just got off a divorce or long-term relationship, it won’t matter how awesome the rebound guy is. He’s probably going to just be Mr.Right Now for you. Mr.Right will only be around when you’re actually ready for him.


So is your guy Mr.Right or Mr.Right Now? Know of any other ways you can tell the difference? Share with us in the comments!

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