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Top LGBTQ-Friendly Companies to Support This Holiday Season

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Companies of all sizes have begun to openly support the LGBTQ community and its fight for equal rights.  Sometimes it’s because the company was founded or is run by somebody within the community and other times it’s because the company just knows a good consumer marketing opportunity when they see it. Whatever the reason, you should consider purchasing from a few of these LGBTQ-friendly companies instead of from their competitors. Even if it’s more of a gimmick than anything else, supporting companies that in-turn support the LGBTQ community is a good idea. It shows companies that targeting a specific group within their market can work in a positive way to help raise awareness and support. In the end, companies that support the LGBTQ community are taking a business risk: some individuals who are against the LGBTQ community often threaten to stop buying from supportive companies. Don’t make those companies regret their decision. Thank them with your dollars.

Company: Apple.

Person: Tim Cook.

Title: CEO.

His story: Becoming CEO of Apple in 2011, Cook publicly came out as gay on October 29th, 2014. Apple itself has also long since been a supporter of LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage. The business openly applauded the DOMA repeal and extended their insurance in 2011 to cover gender confirmation surgeries.

What you might want to buy: I mean, it’s Apple. There are all sorts of tech stuff that’s hip and helpful. Everything from iPods to iPads to Macbooks are up for awesome gifts.

Company: Ben & Jerry’s

Person: Ben Cohen.

Title: Co-founder.

His story: While little is shared about Ben Cohen’s personal life—and, therefore, no assumptions should be made about his sexual orientation—the company has nonetheless been a big supporter of same-sex marriage and equal rights. Aside from LGBTQ-positive ads and campaigns, the company also changed the names of some of its famous flavours to show support for same-sex marriage.

What you might want to buy: Ice cream! All the ice cream ever! And maybe a gift card for more ice cream later!

Company: Kenneth Cole.

Person: Kenneth Cole.

Title: Founder.

His story: While Kenneth Cole is reported to have married a woman in 1986, that simply means he isn’t gay. He otherwise hasn’t disclosed his sexual orientation, but he nonetheless has used his clothing line to promote same-sex marriage, LGBTQ rights and AIDS activism since 1985.

What you might want to buy: Kenneth Cole has a large line of clothing and footwear for men and women.


Person: Patrick Byrne.

Title: CEO.

His story: Patrick Byrne is another individual whose personal life has stayed well out of the limelight, so little is known. But what we do know is he has written for The Advocate multiple times, usually to voice support for same-sex marriage. He also urges for all-inclusive versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

What you might want to buy: The thing about Overstock is you have the chance to find, well, almost anything there.

Company: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Persons: Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.

Titles: Founders.

Their story: With both men identifying as gay, the company has a history of supporting the Human Rights Campaign, various AIDS foundations and several other foundations dedicated to initiatives ranging from cancer to diabetes.

What you might want to buy: Couches, chairs, tables, bed, Ottomans…virtually any type of furniture.


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