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Yoga Positions for Better Sex

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You know what’s fun? Sex. You know what’s even more fun than sex? Well, okay, nothing. But yoga practices that can enhance your experience as a top or bottom should at least put a smile on your face. Better sex? Yes, please.

Health blogger Barry Eichner has most generously taken his time to do some research, find a couple of cute boys, and then take pictures of them posed in the yoga positions he found most suitable to enhance sex as either a top or a bottom. (The links are in the following two paragraphs. You’re welcome.)

For bottoms, he provides five yoga poses to “open up your body” (*snicker*) and help keep “leg cramps, numb thighs, and a sore back” at bay. To enhance sex in classic bottom stances, Eichner incorporates yoga positions that best meld with the bottom mantra: Read More