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5 Male Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

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Spring is fast approaching, which means it’s time to return all of those clothes you hated receiving for the winter holidays and replacing them with the newest seasonal trends. Even if you’re not the savviest fashionista or can’t understand why someone would drop $400 for a t-shirt, we have good news for you! Not only have we taken out all of the guess work for the latest fashion trends, but they’re easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe without breaking your budget. Below are five male spring fashion trends that you absolutely must stay on top of this year.

Shorts & Sports.

Shorts are always in when the weather warms, but it’s Bermuda shorts in particular that are now stealing the show. Pair them with a matching sweater on those breezier outings to complete both your look and your comfort. Also, anything “athletic” is starting to get fashionable. While staples such as jerseys and baseball caps work in a pinch, mesh clothing and mock-style baseball work shirts are also hitting the shelves.

Pinks & Reds

Real men wear pink, as the saying goes, and now you can do so and look trendy. Varying tones of pink are coming back into men’s t-shirts, shorts, trousers, casual jackets, and even complete suits. In this same vein, pink’s close brother, red, is making an equal reemergence, showing up in every article of clothing right down to socks and underwear. And with spring colors usually being shoved into greens and blues, reds and pinks are a nice way to stand out.

Patterns & Florals

With pinks and reds spoken for, solid colors are otherwise essentially out. Anything patterned is now the trend, particularly if that pattern is floral. It’s a bit like a Hawaiian shirt, only with calmer colors and in every article of clothing imaginable. While trousers and dress shirts are increasingly welcoming the trend, florals are being particularly incorporated with knee-length trench coats for those rainy April days.

Statements with Stripes

Thick, bold stripes are returning with vengeance. While they’re going vertical for dress pants (think pinstripes, only wide), bold stripes are otherwise taking over polos and t-shirts horizontally, giving them a breezy, nautical look. Blazers are also taking on stripes in any color, giving off a great, laissez faire attitude when paired casually with a solid t-shirt and some sandals.

Good ol’ Denim

Shirts, jackets, and even blazers are roaring back with the denim trend of the early 90s. But while the 90s were stuck with just jeans and ill-fitted jackets, the fashion industry is now tailoring the new denim trend for a more streamlined look. The bulkiness has been removed, leaving the wearer with a bona fide suit jacket that could be worn even to the office.


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