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5 Habits to Drop in the New Year That Ruin Your Appearance

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While looks aren’t everything in attraction, they certainly do play a part. And if you’re looking for romance, the more you take care of yourself, the better luck you’ll have. It’s not necessary to turn yourself into some sort of model, undergo cosmetic surgery, or be someone you aren’t, but dropping these basic appearance-ruining habits will help keep you sexy for years to come.


Diuretics like caffeine and alcohol can steal the water supply of your body, drying you out and making your skin look older than it is. Lower your intake of these puppies and switch them for good ol’ water. You really should be drinking 8 glasses a day to keep yourself hydrated. If you simply can’t reduce your intake of coffee and/or alcohol, at least try to combat it by drinking more water every day.

Straws and Bottles

While drinking more water is always a good idea, exactly how you do it isn’t. While drinking water on the go, many people opt for a water bottle or a straw. The problem is the shape your mouth makes to use it: The puckered look causes premature wrinkles around your lips when done often enough, exactly like when a person is smoking daily. And since we’re on the subject…


The long and short of smoking is the stuff is full of carcinogens. That stuff ain’t gonna pretty you one bit when it’s originally meant to, you know, poison large rats. And even dangerous chemicals aside, there are the old standby problems of yellowed teeth and fingers due to the stains of nicotine. Add in less-than-fresh breath and you’ve got yourself an older body than intended. Do yourself a favor and quit. Sure, everybody needs their vice, but at least switch yours to chili dogs or something. Here are five habits to drop in the New Year that ruin your appearance:

Foaming Shampoos

Hooray for washing your hair! But did you know the foamy part of your foaming shampoo is probably a bad thing? The ingredient that causes this is usually sodium laureth sulphate, which is meant for nothing more than to make foamy stuff foamy. Sounds silly, right? But it gets scary when you realize this chemical can not only damage your hair, but slow its growth cycle, thereby prolonging or encouraging hair loss. Um…no thank you. I think I’ll go check out some of those organic shampoos after all.

Using Whatever On Your Face

Look, you’re a guy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a skin care regimen. The skin of anybody’s face is thinner than anywhere else, meaning it’s more delicate to outside factors and more prone to damage. Using plain old soap to wash it will dry it out. Consider looking into what type of skin you have (e.g. oily, dry, normal, in-between) and invest in some good skin care products. Wash with an appropriate cleanser, use a lotion to keep your skin from drying out and aging prematurely, and work with a decent shaving cream (dry shaving can age and damage your skin too!).

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