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A Gay Guy’s Guide to Winter Date Style

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Winter’s coming! And with that in mind, your first response should be, of course, to look at your wardrobe and see what’s still stylish to wear. Don’t have much? That’s okay. We here at Hardline have done a little research for you as far as some of the most stylish, eye-catching pieces you can add to your winter wardrobe. They’ll bode well on your next date. Trust us!

Item: Cashmere Scarf

Brand: H&M

Price: $59.95 USD

Why you want it: First of all, it’s a scarf. Scarves are important for winter survival, lest you look like a git. But this one in particular is cashmere, which pretty much has the same softness as several kittens. It also comes in three colors. Pick the right one and you could start looking like the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Sherlock Holmes. Just sayin’. Everybody likes the Cumberbatch.

Item: Thermal Leather Jacket

Brand: Topshop / Nordstrom

Price: $349.90 USD

Why you want it: Leather never goes out of style, especially in the gay community. And this jacket in particular not only helps block against the wind (as leather tends to do), it has the added bonus of a thermal, bright red lining, which makes it both unique and extra functional for the winter. As a final note, this jacket seems to be hitting it hard with Black Friday deals, being 40% off from its original price of $598. Something to ponder, is all.

Item: Blue Velvet Blazer

Brand: Zara

Price: $189 USD

Why you want it: This blazer provides a nice pop of difference in subtle colors, making you unique without being obnoxious. A great wear for a fancier date, it’ll make you cute as a button with your intended when paired with a great black-and-white contrast underneath. It’s a perfect piece to jazz up your winter date style.

Item: Baseball Jacket

Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch

Price: $56 USD

Why you want it: Going on a more casual date? There’s something about throwback that is quite attractive. This 50’s-style baseball jacket in red helps you appear fun and approachable without any of that pesky need to join a varsity team. This look isn’t just for jocks anymore.

Item: Slim Fit Suit Pants

Brand: Calvin Klein

Price: $119.50 USD

Why you want it: So if you’ve followed this guide so far, basically you’re walking around without any pants. And that just don’t do. Enter these ticking wool pants, which do a great job of hugging your man-curves, much to the pleasure of your date. Warm enough to face winter, these pants can be worn with or without a complete suit.

Item: Brushed Leather Lace-Up Shoe

Brand: Gucci

Price: $850 USD

Why you want it: Basically, these shoes are green. That’s why you want them. They’re the best shade of green known in the existence of fancy shoes. Also, their leather exterior was crafted in Italy, so you know it’s a quality leather that’ll help battle the cold against snowless days. Paired with more demure clothes, these shoes can help give you a great pop of color when on a date.

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