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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Men’s Fashion

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Men’s fashion is always a must if you want to stand out and make a lasting impression. And when it comes to important romantic dates, it means even more. If you’re looking for great suggestions or inspiration for your dating (or everyday) style, these ten Instagram accounts to follow for men’s fashion inspiration are the way to go. Read More

A Gay Guy’s Guide to Winter Date Style

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Winter’s coming! And with that in mind, your first response should be, of course, to look at your wardrobe and see what’s still stylish to wear. Don’t have much? That’s okay. We here at Hardline have done a little research for you as far as some of the most stylish, eye-catching pieces you can add to your winter wardrobe. They’ll bode well on your next date. Trust us! Read More

First Date Fall Style Guide

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Dating in the fall is fun. You get to pull out all of your autumn clothes from last year or, if you’re the type to do so, actually go out and buy new stuff. However, staying warm and still looking your best can sometimes be a problem. How can you add on layers without looking too bulky? How can you make sure you still retain your stylish self without freezing to death? The best way is to take a look at each type of clothing and see how it stacks up on its own; that and well to follow our first date fall style guide! Read More

First Date Style Don’ts

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Many of us have been lost to the spiral of wanting to impress a guy so bad that we sabotage everything. Such a train wreck usually starts before the date does, often when you’re standing in your bedroom trying to figure out what to wear. Suddenly, all of your confidence has gone so kaput that you wonder if you ever had it to begin with. No worries. Hardline is here to tell you what (not) to do. Here are our first date style don’t s.

Don’t arrive right from work

I know this one can be hard given the timing of evening dates, especially when some of us work more than one job, but try to avoid it if you can. You don’t want to show up in a McDonald’s uniform just as much as you don’t want to show up in a business suit. Both are inappropriate attire for the usual first date venues: a coffee shop or a casual restaurant. It also gives the appearance as if you don’t really care. It’s less “I just couldn’t wait for our first date, so I rushed right over from work,” and more “I didn’t bother to freshen up for you after a long day.” Think about the environment you’ll be in, try to imagine the range of what your date may be wearing, and then try to fall within that range. Not too fancy, not too sloppy.

Don’t agonize

When it comes to your clothing, it’s possible to be a little too invested. Don’t destroy yourself over hours of deliberation for “just the right outfit.” If you fall into this spiral, you won’t be coming back out. You’ll wind up wearing something you’re convinced doesn’t look great on you…and you’ll likely be late for your date on top of it. That’s no good for either of you. Calm it down, focus on the attire spectrum your new guy will likely fall into, and then pick out your favourite things within that spectrum. They’re your favourites for a reason, right? They either make you look good or make you feel good, and either is exactly the boost you need right now.

Don’t slack off

Just like you don’t want to get too invested in your style for the first date, you also don’t want to become too lax. It all comes back to the spectrum (we’re all LGBTQ here people). Make sure to do the usual hygienic routine: brush your teeth, put on deodorant, make sure you’ve showered that day, ensure your clothes don’t look like they’ve been stuffed under your bed for a month. Aside from showing your date that you give a damn, it also shows him that you have a healthy sense of pride in yourself and your body.

Don’t alter your appearance to please him

It’s great to want to help someone see how awesome you are, but don’t do it at the expense of who you are. If you make significant alterations to your style or otherwise do things you normally wouldn’t do, we’ve got ourselves a problem. Regardless of your reasons, you’ll immediately come off as co-dependent and a fake if you suddenly show up with a new nose ring or an oh-so-modern Abercrombie polo. Don’t be a Daniel Desario. The reason your dude wants to have this first date with you at all is because he likes you as you. Don’t change that.


Top 5 Gay YouTube Discussions About Fashion

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There’s the stereotype out there that all gay or queer guys are not only obsessed with fashion, but really, really good at it. Piffle. Some of us are great, but many of us are absolute crap. But that’s not to say it’s still not amusing as hell to try. Much to our pleasure, many of the most popular queer or gay vloggers have taken a crack at it. Here are our top five queer YouTube Discussions About Fashion.

Read More

Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs?

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We can win the age old debate of boxers, briefs or boxer briefs in three words: crazy, sexy and cool. On a scale of 1 – 10, cool being ten, sexy being seven and crazy being straight… uh we mean zero. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you rate boxers anywhere above a zero then your opinion doesn’t count. Here’s why:


Boxers are by far the most unappealing style of underwear.  Whether you’re gay, trans or bi, this baggy, unappealing undergarment should never meet your precious derrière. The number one thing you bring up during a game of Never Have I Ever when you’re trying to figure out which men are straight and which ones are gay, bi or trans is “never have I ever worn boxers.” Trust us when we say that boxers are the straight man’s underwear. Boxers are the “crazy” of the group because you’ve got to be either crazy or straight to wear them and think it’s okay. Read More